Reunion or bust…

The Gang hit Melbourne with bells on last weekend for a 60th birthday bash with the boarders from ’72 at flirtin’ Merton Hall. We’ve not attended any old girl reunions to date; partly due to clashing work commitments, but mainly out of natural reluctance. We just couldn’t bear the thought of all that ghastly conventional old-school-tie palaver.

But a reunion of boarders only is an entirely different proposition. We had, after all, spent more time together during the formative teenage years than we’d spent with our own families. And this year we’re all turning the big 6-oh!, so catching up for a collective birthday-do after all these years promised to be a genuine hoot.

Sir Galahad Poo (he’s now taken the name Galahad for special/official occasions, bless him) came along for the treat, which turned into a celebratory lunch that – courtesy of an outstanding effort by the stayers – extended from a 12.30 start to 10.30 that night. Perfeck.


Pretty bloody funny, too (though quite surreal being addressed as Morgue all day!!)


Particular thanks to Dog (above) and Marsh for organising a cracker day. We’re definitely up for the next one.

While the raison d’être for the trip was the reunion, we did manage to pack lots of goodies into the short stay. We spent the day before with Granny, doing our habitual rounds; deli section at Vic Market, Dolcetti’s, then lunch at the Last Jar followed by our traditional bevie with Chloe (at Y&J)…



…where by sheer happenstance we were treated to a box seat at the First People’s Demo…






Gawd. We’ve never seen so many cops in one place! Very exciting.

And later that night we caught Ruben’s gig at the Comedy Festival…

Ruben comedy fest

[Thanks for the snaps, Rosa. n(Ed)]

On Sunday we did a road trip with Chrissie to Bendigo Regional Gallery for the Imagining Ned exhibition (see full highlights in the post below.) Omigod, what a fabulous gallery!!

And what a seriously cool town; kulcha-rama everywhere. Here’s a mere blink of random sights within 100 metres (in lapping terms!) of the BRG…


Gavin North, Raw 2015, digital print on canvas


Shane Phillips, Matching Chairs and Matchboxes 2015




Even the shop windows were groovy…


And we fancied transporting this little number home (same date as the Hideout!)…


The final night at Granny’s gave us a beautiful Franklin St (last drinkies) send off…


…and we arrived home on Monday, thankful (as ever to be back in the country)…


and totally recharged…


Such is life (and life is good.)

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