For Peter…

The Gang couldn’t possibly sortie south without swinging by our fave hipster, Edward Kelly. So on Sunday we did a road trip to Bendigo for…


…currently showing at the Bendigo Regional Gallery. No great surprises, of course. Being avid Ned-o-philes we’ve seen most of the works at one time or another (at the very least on the net), but it was wonderful to be immersed in it all – and in one place! Given that we’re about to launch ourselves into studio practice proper, it was a timely opportunity to re-inhabit ‘Ned head’.




The iconic artefacts set the scene and then it was off and running in the contemporary homage stakes. The field was led – it goes without saying – by Sid, and the BRG did a nice job of going off-piste with a couple of very impressive (and humungous) tapestries from the Portalegre Tapestry Workshop (see here); Sidney Nolan, Glenrowan, wool (both)…



So vibrant – just divine (click to enlarge all images.) Other Sid gems included: Kelly at the river (1964), synthetic polymer paint on composition board…


Crossing the River (1964), oil on composition board…




and Kelly, oil and enamel on composition board (painted in the year of our birth, 1955)…


…[which perhaps the architects had in mind when they designed Federation Square! n(Ed)]

Other highlights were Arthur Boyd’s Ned Kelly, glazed and coloured terracotta (c1954)…


Albert Tucker’s Metamorphosis of Ned Kelly, synthetic polymer paint on composition board (1954)…


HaHa (Regan Tamanui)’s Ned, stencil print (2004)…


and Ned’s Head (which we’ve been enjoying on streetscapes across the country over the last decade)…


Mars Drum’s Ned and Burqa on the Pink Lake IV, digital print (2015)…


Freddie Timm’s Ned Kelly, natural ochre pigment on canvas (2000)…


Adam Cullen’s Kelly at Glenrowan, synthetic polymer paint on linen (2011)…


and Sir Galahad Poo’s handz down favourite, Juan Davila’s Sentimental history of Australian art, synthetic polymer paint on canvas (1982)…




…he lingered somewhat.

Anyhoo, consider this a mere taster for a terrific exhibition – there’s plenty more besides, not to mention the rest of this remarkable gallery’s permanent collection, etcetera. What a treasure of a regional gallery it is!

What a treasure of a town, in fact. So culturally progressive/enlightened/connected. Absolutely bloody marvellous.

Other side dishes that caught our eye included Arthur Boyd’s fridge, Leda and the swan, enamel on steel (1958)…


and another Poo favourite, the astro turf rotunda (mea culpa, we didn’t get the artist’s name)…



What an incredibly soul nourishing trip it was. And on arrival back at the Hideout we were greeted with this further fillip…


…in concert with this (the view from the workshop door)…


It’s a sign we tells ya!

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  1. Terrific to see the pic’s, especially new takes. Figure up a tree of “crossing the river” I can seem to relate to. Burkas I like to see as conversation, and Devilla shows he can still cut it better than newcomers. Forget Paul Yore. Bendigo sure has grown up since I left 20 + years ago, and Director Karen seems to be getting the accolades she deserves.
    Chisholm has exstudents exhibition for 6 months in State Minister for Trainings office, parliament house, including 2 of my graal. I don’t get out much so it’s big deal for me. Now back to work for all of us.


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