Here at Prisoners of the Crown all work is designed and crafted in situ; we do not run a factory production line and we have no truck whatsoever with cheap imported materials and/or findings – unless über tackiness is conceptually appropriate for a particular piece!! Additional elements, such as the pearls, are sourced and selected by us personally. Ah, the joys of travel.

All of Ginger’s saw pierced pieces are hand cut – nothing is laser cut – and the intricacy is extremely labour intensive. Consequently all works, if not one-off, will be limited edition at the very most.

Have a yen for any of the work? Email us at

or phone (61 2) 64942191 to kick-start the conversation. We love a chat.

Ginger Bottari

Ginger Bottari: a contemporary practice

The Caged Pearl series…

 Caged Pearl series, South Sea pearls, silver

Limited edition (configured as pendant or earrings)

Ginger Bottari, Royal Garland brooch, saw pierced silver and titanium, gemstone

Royal Garland brooch, saw pierced silver and titanium, gemstone

Crownie Ware…

Crownie Ware, cast silver

pendants & brooches

earrings (plain & fancy)

Also featured: Ring Pull chain/necklace, cast silver

The Rattus Ware series…

Dancing Queen and Rattus earrings, saw-pierced brushed silver.

Rat Tags, saw-pierced brushed silver and titanium on a stainless steel chain. Dimensions variable.

Rattus Ware brooch, saw-pierced brushed silver and titanium.

Duplex brooch, saw-pierced brushed silver and titanium.

The Boom Boom series…

Boom Boom: three shots brooch, saw pierced brushed titanium and silver.

Boom Boom earrings, saw pierced brushed silver and titanium

Bunny tags, saw pierced brushed silver and titanium

The Vernacular Reassignment (Yowie-Wowie) brooch series…

Yowie-Wowie brooches from the Vernacular Reassignment series, saw pierced titanium, collected object

Zodiac tags (examples)…

Perfect for a Christening or significant birthday prezzy. Saw pierced silver, brass and titanium.

Please feel free to contact us regarding not only the above but also any work shown on the Prisoner of the Crown website that may have piqued your interest.

Watch this space

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