Open studio…

Yesterday marked our first annual Prisoners of the Crown Open Studio day…



prisoners of the crown

prisoners of the crown

prisoners of the crown

prisoners of the crown

prisoners of the crown





prisoners of the crown

And so we had a lovely steady trickling through of ridgy-didge retrogrades for the Mugshot parade…

[Though we did miss a number of you, sorry – couldn’t cover all bases. We’ll make sure we have a dedicated snapper on hand next year. n(Ed)]

Big love to Nicky who drove down from Canberra and back just for the day (sterling effort!) and Meegs for the gladioli and Pimms (fab!)

Next public PoC Open Studio Day: Sunday 12th November 2017

Krusty’s last watch…

It’s a sad day here at the Hideout – Security Creative Krusty slipped gently away (vet assisted) to the doggy guard-house in the sky this afternoon amid a vale of tears (we’re holding the wake as we speak…)

He had a great innings –19 years – and will be sorely missed, especially by Studio Bitch who was constantly shadowed by the little fella.

Krusty’s last snaps were taken last week…

Krusty on the job


…[but we’ll drop in the odd memorial tomorrow. n(Ed)]

Our other team…

We are beyond proud to be QUEENSLANDERs!!!!!!!!

Last night’s State of Origin decider was thrilling – THRILLING we tells ya! Queensland brought their legendary hard on and it was the best game of rugby league we’ve seen in a long, long time. Truly awesome (…which is actually appropriate in this context, Nige.)


We watched the game with Shwe, who (with maroon patches on her wings) is our official team birdie, and settled into a good bottle of red for the duration.



Queensland dominated big time, despite extreme dirty business from New South Wales…


high tackle


On a lighter note, there was plenty of ‘almost biffo’ to keep everyone more than happy…


almost biffo

And absolutely no doubt, from kick-off, that Queensland meant business…


Hodges' last stand

What a fabulous send off for Hodges and what a perfect birthday prezzie for Mal! Thanks for a brilliant game, boys, it was enthralling. We love yooz all.

Best aspects of the night: (1) Gallen’s thuggish bradaggio was utterly deflated and (2) Gus Gould was virtually silent in the commentary box for almost the entire match. A great result for everyone, eh.

Brandishing George…

How could you not but be charmed by the brilliant George Brandis Live Art Experience putsch? What a cracker.

Hard to pick a fave image (so many to choose from) but Sir Galahad Poo, naturally, gravitates to Walter Kenyon’s Gilbert and George makeover…


But for all the hilarity, this is deadly serious biz. Get onboard the George Brandis Live Art Experience facebook here.