Ready to rock and roll…


The first set of Ginger’s Vernacular Reassignment brooches are finally ready for the ATELIER page (she’s been finessing the finishes and making the pin backs.) Check ’em out – they’re so cute you just want to eat ’em…

Ginger Bottari, brooches from the Vernacular Reassignment series

Ginger Bottari, brooches from the Vernacular Reassignment series

Ginger Bottari Waspish brooch, side view

Side view of pin back (Waspish brooch)

Ginger Bottari

Our other team…

We are beyond proud to be QUEENSLANDERs!!!!!!!!

Last night’s State of Origin decider was thrilling – THRILLING we tells ya! Queensland brought their legendary hard on and it was the best game of rugby league we’ve seen in a long, long time. Truly awesome (…which is actually appropriate in this context, Nige.)


We watched the game with Shwe, who (with maroon patches on her wings) is our official team birdie, and settled into a good bottle of red for the duration.



Queensland dominated big time, despite extreme dirty business from New South Wales…


high tackle


On a lighter note, there was plenty of ‘almost biffo’ to keep everyone more than happy…


almost biffo

And absolutely no doubt, from kick-off, that Queensland meant business…


Hodges' last stand

What a fabulous send off for Hodges and what a perfect birthday prezzie for Mal! Thanks for a brilliant game, boys, it was enthralling. We love yooz all.

Best aspects of the night: (1) Gallen’s thuggish bradaggio was utterly deflated and (2) Gus Gould was virtually silent in the commentary box for almost the entire match. A great result for everyone, eh.