Melbourne with the Muzzbotts…


The Gang jumped into the Dreadnought last week for a quick dash to Melbs to pick up the Muzzbotts/have a pre-xmas fall-about with Granny (…with the sub-plot of Sir Galahad’s Exotica-ca Tour de Banksy) and what a jolly good romp it was. Fast and furious, just the way we likes it (as in get in, get out.) Especially at this time of year, when the city’s at its most frenetic; summed up so perfectly by Banksy’s Christ with Shopping Bags…


…and img_7545-1

Fabbo. All that and more, but perhaps we’ll put it in some sort of vague order…

First up we hung about the Queen Vic Night Market with the Murray boys, as you do…

Chef Iain


Marky Mark
Ging, Granny and those Murray boys

And then we had our Big Art Fix; Banksy (what else?) Which didn’t disappoint, always so much cooler in the flesh, eh…

Have a nice day

…and, of course, the man himself has the last word…


Heaps more to see (we just chucked in our personal faves) – totally worth the bother.

And then we were off to our Christmas treat with Granny; High Tea at the Windsor followed by our habitual bevie with Chloe…

Granny and Chloe

…one of our favourite, and enduring, cultural observances.

And then we forgot to take our camera with us on our night out with Marky and Cormack…

…but we had it the next day at Din Tai Fung (where, omg, we thought we’d died and gone to heaven – best dumplings EVER)…

Din Tai Fung

And then we caught up with the lovelies at The Warehouse Pizzeria…

Pizza maestro Norm

Anthony and Adele

…and sugar artist extraordinaire Tina at Sugardrops Cake Studio…

Tina and Iain

xmas gingerbreads from the Sugardrop Cake Studio

…before finally Beating the Retreat…to Toora – for a wind-down in Bevie’s gorgeous garden followed by a divine day at Wilson’s Prom (our first ocean swim of the season)…

foraging with Bev



An Exotica-ca Tour: the Heart of Australia expedition…

Sir Galahad recently rounded up the Gang and led the charge on Uluru for (British artist) Bruce Munro’s acclaimed Field of Light installation. It was hard to resist, eh – the quintessential Great Australian Road Trip Field of Light (aka mandatory art fix) = a seriously marvellous time. And so it was; all 12 days/5,629.4kms of it – a truly fabulous experiential journey…


Exotica-ca Tour


…touching base with our inner ‘Down-Under-psyche’ on what can only be described as The Great Aus-culture Pilgrimage.

From the High Country…

The Kiama Greys, Snowy Mountains High Plains


…to Broken Hill…

The Palace Hotel


…to Coober Pedy…



…to Uluru (our three objectives; the Rock/Field of Light/catching up with Paulie and Mirko)

…the walk…


…the Field of Light…


Field of Light

field of light

Field of Light

Field of Light

…the Olgas…

Kata Tjuta

…Kings Canyon…

Kings Canyon


shy Sturt Desert Pea at Kings Canyon


…and then to the Alice, where we dropped a U-ie for the long haul home…




the great social divide (reversed)

on the road

spook biz

on the road

north of Coober Pedy

infamous Coober Pedy drive-in



Worlds End



All that and so much more, minus the friggin’ P-mates which had arrived after we’d left (oh the tribulations of priority post…)

seaman like precautions


But that notwithstanding we had such a joyful time – best summed up by our gorgeous memento of the trip, Manupa Butler’s basket from the Tjanpi Desert Weavers Gallery, Alice Springs…


Manupa Butler


Yummy – says it all.

We’ve returned to the Hideout entirely reinvigorated. Sir Galahad’s already working on his next cultural foray (looks like it’s gunna be Banksy in Melbs!) The Muzzbotts have taken off for Scotland. The rest of us have work to do. [Oh, yes indeedy. n(Ed)]


The Yorkie…

After a full-on week of social engagement (kicked off by Studio Bitch’s birthday) Megsie finally managed a materials run (plaster, silica, yadda yadda) to Canberra on Friday, swinging past the Glassworks to pick up the Yorkie (and ‘wand’) from the Neon Workshop.

So Studio Bitch wired him up today and mounted him on the wall…


wiring the Yorkie

yorkie plus






Cool with additional black light.



Noice. And there he sits, a constant reminder of…well, of many things. Needless to say Sir Galahad is very pleased to welcome a new crony into his rarefied coterie.

[See Fb page for a wee movie. n(Ed)]

A noble lineage…

We’ve always known, of course, that there has never been any question of Sir Galahad coming from mere common stock – and so we were thrilled when La Groppa sent us this link to The Guardian’s fascinating article re the Lloyd’s Bank turd; a 7-inch Viking coprolite…


the Lloyd's Bank coprolite


The likeness is uncanny! Needless to say he’s very, very chuffed indeed. Who do you think you are‘s got nothing on this, he reckons…though we’re not sure that we really want his future Exotica-ca Tours to morph into paleoscatological digs…(we’re going to have to try to distract him.)

Thanks Jacq, made our day!

[Sir Galahad, it goes without saying, is certified worm free. n(Ed)]