Open Studio 2019…

Our Annual Open Studio Day 2019 was preceded by a week or so of peculiar and destructive weather and wind events, so we ended up spending more time on garden reparation than on workshop prep…but hey. Big love to Bevie who came up from Toora to give us a hand.

The day itself turned into a gently paced affair with genuine interest from a mix of both first and repeat offenders. As always, there was an element of conscientious avoidance in the perp/mugshot parade – but because this meant disqualification from the draw of the Mugshot Prize, nobody else was complaining! The prize this year being a pair of Ginger’s Crownie earrings, interest was accordingly keen…


…and the lucky winner of the draw was…


Macca (package coming your way!!)

In the evening the Gang, joined by some of our fave miscreants, did Neddie proud with a Wake that lasted well into the wee hours. So here’s to our glorious obsession, Ned; another anniversary observed and we’re already looking forward to the next one! For those who couldn’t make it, never mind – it all happens again on 8th November 2020.

Meanwhile, here’s a glimpse of Open Studio 2019…







2 thoughts on “Open Studio 2019…

  1. Congratulations on what looks to of been another fabulous hanging day, made even more exciting by the wild weather. Looking forward to seeing the results from the wax casting lyrebird (?).

    Hustle and bustle surrounds me, but I will be in contact in mid December re cranking up the ArtsACT application. I assume there is no word from Wagga….

    Lots of XXXX Nicky


    • Thanks Nicky! We did Neddy proud (wake wise!) Meanwhile have been enjoying your posts in the lead up to this week’s Beaver opening. Lovely, as ever.
      The wax casting so far is a disgruntled tweety giving us the brown-eye and a WIP of the Owl and the Pussycat washing up on the crown of a palm tree (the island, of course, having been totally submerged.) I’m leaning towards vignettes.
      Not a dicky bird from Wagga…


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