The Fave files…

Megsie’s (current) fave necklace…


[Clearly this has not been made by Ginger. Just thought we ought to clarify that – if only to head off possible confusion (we wouldn’t want Ginger tarred by Megsie’s vulgar brush!) n(Ed)]

Baby’s back…

If any of you have ever questioned the efficacy of an automatic coffee machine, it’s time to reappraise.

After close on 6 years of faithful service our DeLonghi finally sharted itself and was sent to the repair shop where the techie ascertained that it had made 13,000 – yes, people, that’s 13,000 – coffees (the inbuilt computer tells the tale.) Like, wow.

We certainly do drink a lot of coffee and when the house is full she literally pumps, day and night…

Coffee machine

Anyhoo, she (we’ve named her (De)Longtime, as in ‘we love her long time’) arrived back this morning and has immediately embarked on her second innings. Great coffee, no messy grounds – what a peach.


Gilbert and George

 Photo credit: APT/Marcus Brandt

Omigod, we were beyond excitement to find a message from Gilbert and George in the inbox this morning – the invitation/announcement of their exhibition at MONA here.

Sir Galahad is beside himself with gleeful anticipation. This one’s definitely marked on the dance card; we love G&G.

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