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Ginger has more gems on the go, from Rattus Ware to Boom Boom-o-rama…


Rat Tag for web


Ginger Bottari, Rat Tags, titanium and saw pierced brushed silver, stainless steel chain


Rat brooch for web


Ginger Bottari, Rattus Ware brooch, titanium and saw pierced brushed silver


Duplex brooch for web


Ginger Bottari, Duplex brooch, titanium and saw pierced brushed silver


Boom Boom three shot brooch for web


Ginger Bottari, Boom Boom: three shots brooch, saw pierced brushed silver & titanium

No prize for guessing that this last piece is Megsie’s fave. A head and chest shot – and one in the arse!

What people won’t know is that Ginger’s Boom Boom series harks back to happy memories rabbit shooting, as a wee bairn, on the farm with her Grandaddy. Before taking her (and cousin Fergus) into the paddock for the real thing, he had them draw up a target each for practice – Ginger, as is her wont, still has hers…

target for web

So cute! (And whenever she eats bunny she still calls it boom boom.)

Ginger Bottari

First off the mark…




We’re super excited to preview our inaugural studio/artist collaboration, giving you a sneak peek of Ginger’s first prototype for the Prisoners of the Crown does Michael Brogan series.

Prompted by mutual admiration, Michael and Ginger first kicked the footy around about her transposing his Shield series into jewellery way back in 2010. The notion was quietly tucked away until such time she had finished at uni and set up her own workshop…like, um, now!!

Michael himself has just had an exhibition opening in Armidale (last Friday night) and so we figured this was as good a time as any to unwrap Ginger’s latest work-in-progress…


shield prototype


Ginger Bottari, prototype for Prisoners of the Crown does Michael Brogan: Shield #1 brooch, silver.

We’re loving it big time and thought it might be useful to put it into context for those of you not familiar with Michael’s work. He’s just sent through snaps of the current exhibition, on at Gallery 126 Armidale NSW until the 28th March…

Michael Brogan 2015

Michael Brogan 2

Michael Brogan 3

Michael Brogan 4

article MB

(Click to enlarge)

[Hey, love that exercise yard! n(Ed)]

And for additional back story, go to glasscentralcanberra here.

Ginger Bottari