Bring it on…

Happy New Year!!


NYE firing

NYE firing (just gone in)


Have a ball tonight, ya’ll. Here at the Hideout our attention is firmly geared to a kick-arse 2016.

Meanwhile in Bali – preparation for the big night was sweetly unfrazzled…


Totally daggy, we know…

But a great way to test/play around with coldworking and fire polishing.

And Megsie had kept the Taitt bottles from her 60th expressly to turn into water carafes to encourage her pals to remember to rehydrate at the dinner table (…tho’ obviously these are perfectly fine to decant wine into also….!)

fire polishing

IMG_1964 (1)



…Sir Harlequin Poo, Companion of the Ordure of the Mire (lost wax cast glass)

Sir Harlequin Poo

Ain’t he purty.

[Sir Galahad’s feeling a tad dun. n(Ed)]


Not all of us are soaking up the sun/languishing on a beach in Uluwatu…


latest firing

Not complaining, but – wouldn’t have it any other way.

You knew it was coming, surely…

…we’re nothing if not consistent…

commemorative Poo


To mark the establishment of the workshop – a commemorative Poo: Companion of the Ordure of the Mire (yet to be christened…)

[Just a little something to set the tone. n(Ed)]

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