Ooh ahh…

After a few hiccups (weather related) the sandblaster has finally landed…








Oh yeah, that’s what we’re talkin’ about.

Henceforth to be referred to as the Lady Abyss, she’s the last of the big ticket items (only mere odds and sods to go.) Time to rock n’roll.

[Big thanks to Shane (Pace Logistics) and Rob (ABSS). n(Ed)]

Melbourne notes…

Megsie’s new fave beer (when in Melbs at least)…


…and Sir Galahad found his spiritual home at the Waiters tonight (where Megsie was getting down and nostalgic with Tuppie and Rosco)…


After all these years the Waiters still totally hits the mark – transports you back and gives you a yearning for the 60’s/70’s; you know, for places like the Paradiso in Lygon St. Beyond good. Thank the lordy Pelligrini’s, Don Camillo’s and the Waiters still exist.

Sadly they’d run out of cassata, so Megsie and Tup settled for/split a baci and tartufo (Everest of course, what the hell else is there?) Oh happy days. There is a goddie and sometimes he’s Italian.

Granny rehab to date…

For all of you inquiring, Granny’s recovery genes are second to none and she’s doing splendidly. We’ve been quietly enlivening the experience with all the standard treats and doing the rounds of some of our fave cultural hotspots (with Gary and Sir Galahad)…


dinner with Gary

Garry with Chloe

Other highlights so far: Chick and Cobi’s show at Fehily Contemporary…

Chick and Cobi

(Check out pics from the show, Ascent into Darkness: Culture, faith and ritual: reverence to repulsion, here.)

And then there was Lurid Beauty: Australian Surrealism and its Echoes at the NGV…

Stuart Ringholt

Stuart Ringholt, Untitled Baroque

Robert Klippel/James Gleeson

Robert Klippel/James Gleeson, No. 35 Madame Sophie Sesostoris (a pre-raphaelite satire)

Eric Thake

Eric Thake, Salvation from the evils of earthly existence, oil on canvas

Rosslynd Piggot

Rosslynd Piggot, High Bed

Louise Hearman

Louise Hearman

Louise Hearman

Louise Hearman, Untitled #475, #1339, #994(detail), oil on composition board

Vivienne Binns

Vivienne Binns

Vivienne Binns

Vivienne Binns, Untitled (all), blue ballpoint pen

Anne Wallace

Anne Wallace, Damaged, oil on canvas

Tom Moore

Tom Moore

Tom Moore, Self-preservation, glass, wood

Greatest Hits Melbourne

Greatest Hits, Melbourne (Gavin Bell, Jarrah de Kuijer, Simon McGlinn), Untitled, taxidermied cat, electric components

Megsie’s been catching up with old pals…


(Helen, Julz, Louise)

And Granny had her birthday…




And so it goes.

[We caught up with Andre too, at last – lovely. n(Ed)]

Granny turns 85!!…

It’s Granny’s birthday and she woke to a cracker birthday treat from Phil (courtesy of a Dan Murphy’s bloke at the door.) What a wonderful way to start the day. (Thanks Phil – Granny’s thrilled, and your sister’s not unhappy neither!)

Granny turns 85

We’re off to Cookie for a birthday lunch (thank’s Minnie for the timely recommendation) and then we’ll just take it from there.

Meanwhile, back at the Hideout, Studio Bitch cracks on with Megsie’s benches…


…bless him.