The Yorkie…

After a full-on week of social engagement (kicked off by Studio Bitch’s birthday) Megsie finally managed a materials run (plaster, silica, yadda yadda) to Canberra on Friday, swinging past the Glassworks to pick up the Yorkie (and ‘wand’) from the Neon Workshop.

So Studio Bitch wired him up today and mounted him on the wall…


wiring the Yorkie

yorkie plus






Cool with additional black light.



Noice. And there he sits, a constant reminder of…well, of many things. Needless to say Sir Galahad is very pleased to welcome a new crony into his rarefied coterie.

[See Fb page for a wee movie. n(Ed)]

A noble lineage…

We’ve always known, of course, that there has never been any question of Sir Galahad coming from mere common stock – and so we were thrilled when La Groppa sent us this link to The Guardian’s fascinating article re the Lloyd’s Bank turd; a 7-inch Viking coprolite…


the Lloyd's Bank coprolite


The likeness is uncanny! Needless to say he’s very, very chuffed indeed. Who do you think you are‘s got nothing on this, he reckons…though we’re not sure that we really want his future Exotica-ca Tours to morph into paleoscatological digs…(we’re going to have to try to distract him.)

Thanks Jacq, made our day!

[Sir Galahad, it goes without saying, is certified worm free. n(Ed)]