(1) Is the studio open to the public?  Not as such, in the customary sense. Other than our annual Open Studio Day (see below) access is by appointment only. Please note that this is not intended as a deterrent – rather that, as our studios are dedicated work spaces, we ask interested peeps to ring ahead to arrange a convenient time. (For a sneak peek go to the Workshops of the World website, here.) We both operate separate workshops – housed in the old stables – and maintain distinctive art practices. We do anticipate accommodating selected artists (and mates!) in residence for collaborative projects but it will always be on a strictly invitational basis.

We have an annual Prisoners of the Crown Open Studio Day (incorporating the gallery and studios) – and, being dedicated Kelly-philes, we hold it on the Sunday closest to the anniversary of Ned’s hanging (11th November 1880.)

Our next Open Studio Day falls on Sunday 12th November 2017, from 10am – 4pm. For more info phone (02) 64942191 or email prisonersofthecrown@gmail.com


(2) Do you run classes in glass or jewellery? No we don’t, sorry. Our focus is specifically practice orientated.

(3) Do you do repairs (in jewellery particularly)? No we don’t, again sorry. Please don’t ask. We are an arts practice, period.

(4) Do you make traditional work/commissions to customer specifications? No we don’t; twee and traditional is not our thing. If you want conventional jewellery that looks like the high street, then you need to go to a high street jeweller. We will, however, collaborate with selected artists from time to time, in which case appropriate attribution will always be given.

(5) Is the work for sale? Why yes, indeed it is…!! Check out the Atelier PoC page for a price guide.

(6) Now that you have a gallery space, is it open to the public? Well, again, this is one of those yeah-but-no-but scenarios. To all intents and purposes the gallery is our in-house ‘showroom’. Visitors and groups are very welcome, but please ring first to arrange a convenient time – except for the annual Open Studio Day, when it’s open slather!  

Please contact us (prisonersofthecrown@gmail.com) with any enquiries. 

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Prisoners of the Crown™® is a registered Trade Mark

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