The prototype files…


Ginger is adding the Chinese zodiac to her line of tags…

Ginger Bottari, Year of the Horse Tag

Ginger Bottari, Year of the Horse tag, saw pierced brushed silver, titanium and brass.

Ginger Bottari, Year of the Sheep tag

Ginger Bottari, Year of the Sheep/Goat tag, saw pierced brushed silver, titanium and brass.

Ginger Bottari


The Gang traversed mountains and high plains to wave the flag for Ned, our legendary hero hipster, at the Canberra Theater Centre/CMAG’s joint public programme Ned Kelly in Art on Saturday.

Megsie, as artist, was sandwiched between Dr Deborah Hart (National Gallery of Australia) and Clare Williamson (State Library of Victoria) for a lively discussion celebrating Ned’s place at the cultural heart of the nation.

Ned Kelly in Art panel

Ned Kelly in Art

Ned Kelly in Art

It was a thoroughly enjoyable session and, it goes without saying, Megsie had no trouble whatsoever inhabiting the Ned-zone! Thanks to the Canberra Theatre Centre and CMAG for inviting her onto the panel – we loved it.

The trip was a quickie overnighter, so we really only had time to:

(1) catch up with Jas, Jill and Jac (no photos please) La Gropp…

Megsie, Jas and Jill

Bentspoke Brewing Co

…at the Bentspoke Brewing Co – where we got into the Blow Your Bagpipe for our favourite son-in-law. They do brew a Ned ale, but were out of it on the night. Bummer dude, we’ll just have to go back…

(2) have an introduction to Felix, the newest member of the Piekalns mob…


Version 2

(3) have brekky with Dira (snap gone AWOL…)

We can report that it’s a classic Canberra winter; even the mannequins are feeling the cold…


(Click the image, chaps, for an ogle)

In the gloaming…

We’ve been experiencing such gorgeous weather of late, and truly arresting sunsets – so thought we’d share just one evening in the round…

Wyndham sunsets

Wyndham sunsets

Wyndham sunsets

Wyndham sunsets

Wyndham sunsets

Wyndham sunsets

Such is life.

A touch of MONA: stop and smell the roses…

We’ve added a touch of MONA to the bathroom, darls – just a visual pop to gladden our mornings…



…a rose-geranium ‘Cath’ soap. Such a gorgeous addition to the jooj. And gives a whole new complexion to the age-old warning ‘I’ll wash your mouth out with soap’…

[Apparently there’s been a wee bit of confusion re the soap – we bought it at the MONA shop, lovies. Sensational merchandising. Having just seen Greg Taylor’s epic work, how could one possibly resist? The only difficulty was choosing… n(Ed)]

For Peter…

Neddie sketch…


…(a worthier subject than Tony Abbott!)

[For those of you asking, yes, it is a Megsie doodle. n(Ed)]

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