6 thoughts on “Blackberries!!…

  1. I hope they’re ripe. The honey eaters wiped out my unripe cherries, pissed me off. Then they sat in the tree over my car and had the shits real bad. Saw wild blackberries up the river in the kayak last week. Tasted sour though.


    • These are the earliest ripenings – only a few at edible stage, but sweet and yummy. Bummer about the cherries (and the ‘pips’ on the car!) The cockies have stripped our apple tree but I’m hoping some figs will survive them (they seem more cluey with the figs and actually wait until the fruit’s ripe, so it gives us a chance to snaffle some first.)


  2. Cherries were Morellos that made great icecream last year. Good luck with the figs. I grew them years ago, watched every day as they ripened and no sign of birds. Set a sunday to pick and was woken early by the sound of hundreds of blackbirds. As I was picking I was fighting them off. Got plums here, first lot into jam at my sisters today. Big preserving weekend next week. ps Lathe practise is coming along slowly.Saw some amazing traditional work from russia to urge me on. Not that I’m going for trad.. https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=1099579253409747&set=ms.c.eJw9y8kNACEQA8GMVp7TOP~%3BE0A6Cb6nbIBXlFQkx~_dmBEMBO4ELbFGYXOEX0K5QDWQcWHP~%3BS5RsevRSg.bps.a.1099579226743083.1073741855.100000730472004&type=3&theater


    • Buggers, eh. Have you tried nets? We always intend to and never seem to get around to it. Don’t think they work unless the tree is entirely enclosed. Thought I might get into some jam making this week, too – maybe blackberry and rhubarb. Looks like we’ll have plenty of peaches this year, so I’ll have to get into chutney mode. What variety of plums do you have? I really should plant a satsuma.
      Ruski link sweet. That lathe work will keep you off the streets, Pete.


  3. I was thinking about a short spell on the street for new year. LOL Nets are hard to get on and off, sometimes necessary though.If I move next place maybe veges and berries, easy to net and I don’t eat much jam. I’ve grown European plums this time. Prune, Angelina and a couple of others. Fruit smaller but meatier. Superb jam, sauce and can be dried. Heaven to eat. When I had lots of peaches I made peach liqueur. Wow.


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