Megsie werx…


First cab off the rank…


Megan Bottari, Teleo(phonic)morph:  Channelling Sal (long-distance call)

Megan Bottari, Love ChildTeleo(phonic)morph: Channelling Sal (long-distance call) 2016, lost wax cast lead crystal, found object.


This work has a brief accompanying statement which had been filed for those occasions when one might be called for. But, given the interest and feedback, we’ve decided to drop it in – if only for the general enlightenment of the curious…

Clearly an homage to Dali, this piece follows his ubiquitous sexual subtext – via plasmogamic fusion to the final reproductive form. My penchant for glass goes beyond the shiny/pretty; its material properties provide boundless scope for context, narrative, metaphor and so much more. And in Love Child I’ve gone for the material ambiguity that so fittingly marries the crystal and Bakelite (of the claw and telephone, respectively.)

[…and if you’re wondering about the fungal aspect, best not to ask – just take our word for it that it did inform the piece(!) n(Ed)]

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