6 thoughts on “Open Studio at Prisoners of the Crown…

    • Thanks Peter. Don’t expect too much traffic – given that we’re pretty remote down here (in the Badlands of the Far South Coast of NSW.) But we figure we shouldn’t stay entirely isolate by nature (though it’s tempting!!) Yeah, Maurice de Ute is pretty damned cute, eh. How’d your open studio go?


  1. I had one woman from down the highway, fabric artist who’s studied glass at monash. a couple of neighbours from community house. That was it. I’d sent 65 pm’s and emails. Disappointed but not surprised. 5 years and none of the local artists have ever bothered. Very much little Britain, “are you local?” Quite a few pass judgement on my work though??? They promote their “open studios” but I’m not invited, bit like the glass lot I find.
    Interesting to see the diff. between NZ and Aus. glass conferences. How open they seem or not. Hoping Wilhelm Vernim will lift engravers standard and acceptance.


    • Ah well, life wasn’t meant to be easy, eh…(in the Gospel according to Malcolm.) We may very likely suffer similar ennui – though can’t say I’m overly concerned either way at this juncture. It won’t make any difference to our working methodologies/culture. I imagine the day will really just be a barometer of curiosity, which hopefully will grow over the next several years. I’m a long view kinda gal.
      Haven’t been to a NZ conference, but have found them to be a very friendly, personable lot when they come over for ours. I’m still sitting on the fence re January, can’t decide…

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