4 thoughts on “Virgin load…

    • Do you mean the glass? Actually it’s a mix of Blackwoods, Gaffer and window glass – a proper gladbag of annealing points! Might whack Bullseye into the next firing – am just playing with it all at this stage, getting a firm handle on things again. Loving Neddie – he’s spot on, program-wise. Got up at sparrows fart to put the bungs in and he’s totally on track (temp&time.) Lovely.

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    • Yep, done and out. Kiln worked like a dream, no mould disasters, crystal oysters perfect, window glass not so (but totally my dumb dumb, didn’t take it up high enough.) Silly oversight – was so focused on getting the staggered annealing temps right that I overlooked the melt temp. Duh! But it was a ‘testing-testing’ run after all, so I’m a pretty happy chappie. Anyways, I’ll coldwork what I’ve got and wham straight back into another wax and mould making frenzy.
      Loving Neddie, big time – he’s gunna rock my world.

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