2 thoughts on “We highly recommend: Poor Toms Gin…

  1. That big copper still is just beautiful. Never liked gin and haven’t touched alchohol for many years, makes me too sick. I’m wondering if this is before and a Hogarth type is the after. Seriously though I admire their drive, and don’t see why producing something isn’t recognized as an art form. South Aus. and Vic are upping their creative industries push, lots of talkfest and papers. I think they’re serious and if things don’t get on a better footing it will just be cut out like art education. From a SA article.”This move has been broadly interpreted as a signal that art and artists will now be considered an industry in SA, rather than a target for taxpayer charity. ” Considering the money spent on mid aged + women (sorry) in mauve tying string knots in trees around here I”m not surprised.


    • No need to apologise Pete, I’m not into mauve.

      And there definitely is an art to boutique gin. And, you know, I only drink gin for the tonic – quinine being mandatory in the tropics. Indeed, even here at Hideout we have such a serious mozzy problem that, with so much Ross River fever around, it’s only sensible to continue the repelling regime.

      I’m a tad uncomfortable with the creative industries push. I think that the arts, quite rightly, inhabit a parallel universe and should never be predicated on the bottom line. Good art serves both as a social conscience and/or record of contemporaneous vibe (or zeitgeist, if you like.) We already have a problem with gross manipulation of the market and we certainly don’t need to go even further down that path.


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