Ned biz…


This week has marked the anniversary of the Kelly Gang’s infamous shootout with the traps at Stringybark Creek (in the Wombat Ranges) – setting them on a fatalistic course culminating in Glenrowen, Ned’s capture and his consequent execution.

Megan Bottari, 'Stringybark Creek: vignette #1', gunshot glass(fused), vintage police fence paling

Megan Bottari, Stringybark Creek: vignette #1, gun shot glass (fused & sandblasted), vintage police fence paling

Megan Bottari, Stringybark Creek: vignette #1, gun shot glass (fused), vintage police fence paling

Megan Bottari, 'Stringybark Creek: vignette #1', gun shot glass(fused), vintage police fence paling

Old Melbourne Gaol…

Gang member Y (who wishes to remain nameless!) took herself off to the Old Melbourne Gaol this morning to pay homage to Neddie, arriving shortly after a group of Ned’s descendants had visited with floral tributes on this, the 136th anniversary of his hanging…



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the art of hanging

stand and deliver

Hmmm, we may well adopt that hand signal as an alternative to flippin’ the bird/giving the finger.

[This – the opportunity to pay respects to our beloved Ned – may well be the one upside to being stuck in Melbs waiting for a bleedin’ plane to Bali. n(Ed)]



Red letter day…

Today is the most important day of the year at the Hideout, for 2 reasons…

(1) It’s the anniversary of the registration of Prisoners of the Crown as an entity (now Prisoners of the Crown™®, thank you very much!!) and

(2) It’s the anniversary of Ned’s hanging.

So naturally everything stops while we contemplate all things Neddie (to which end Megsie spent part of yesterday on Ned, drawing #3)

Ned Kelly, drawing #3

On this day (11.11.1880), on the way to the gallows, Ned remarked on the beauty of the flowers in the prison garden. And stopped to smell the roses.