Ginger’s latest bling…


…a classy new production line we call Crownies, cast silver…

pendantsGinger Bottari, Crownies, pendants

brooches  Ginger Bottari, Crownies, brooches

earrings (plain)Ginger Bottari, Crownie earrings (plain)

earrings (fancy)Ginger Bottari, Crownie earrings (fancy)

Ginger Bottari, general Crownie Ware

Plus more of the serious kit, the Caged Pearls, silver and South Sea pearls…

earringsGinger Bottari, Caged Pearls (earrings)

pendantsGinger Bottari, Caged Pearls (pendants)

And some of those real cute l’il critters, for the Vernacular Reassignment (yowie-wowie) series, saw pierced titanium, stainless steel, found objects (collected)

TiggerGinger Bottari, Yowie Wowie (Tigger)

JimminyGinger Bottari, Yowie Wowie (Jimminy)

CockyGinger Bottari, Yowie Wowie (Cocky)

WombyGinger Bottari, Yowie Wowies (Womby)

BattyGinger Bottari, Yowie Wowie (Batty)

Ginger Bottari, Yowie Wowies


We’ll be loading it all up on the Atelier page shortly.


Treasure alert: Caged South Sea Pearls…


Poetry in motion – four caged pearls: one silver, two peacock and one (very yummy) chocolate…



Ginger’s work is strictly limited edition and each of these finished caged pearls [925 silver/South Sea (Balinese) pearl] are priced at AU$700ea. (See other examples of her work on the Admissible Evidence page.)

Here at Prisoners of the Crown all work is designed and crafted in situ – we do not run a cheap factory production line and we have no truck whatsoever with cheap imported materials and/or fixings. Additional elements, such as the pearls, are sourced and selected by us personally – ah, the joys of travel!

We are similarly eccentric in our trading arrangements; we prefer to deal directly with prospective clients as opposed to using the impersonal internet/paypal option. We have too much respect for the work to allow it to be casually tossed into a virtual shopping cart like some piece of mass-produced tat. In this we are unapologetically ‘atelier’ by nature.

So if you fancy one of the four caged pearls (above), then please email us at to kick-start the conversation. We love a chat.

Alternatively, for those of you who already have a pearl, perhaps as a treasured keepsake from a beloved relative – and rather like the idea of caging it for a more intimately enhanced posterity – the cost is AU$450. Again, please contact us to discuss.

*** Please note: prices do not include GST ***