Our own Australia Day ceremonials…


Here at the Hideout we’re thrilled to share the news of the civil elevation of our dear Poo in yesterday’s Australia Day honours list!!

He’s been made Lord Warden of the Sink Portables – and those of you wishing to observe protocol are advised to accord him all the appropriate courtesies and address him henceforth as Sir Poo, Lord Warden of the Sink Portables, OM (Knight of the Ordure of the Mire.)

We gave him a suitable toasting, as one would expect…



…and Minnie has promised to make him a garter.

It was certainly a most unexpected turn of events in what had been a traditionally conventional Wyndham Oz Day long weekend; beach, relaxed house-guests and the requisite cocktail-o-rhumba…


jac redo

We’d had such a lovely few days in the lead up – mooching with Dira and La Groppa (who has maintained that idiosyncratic refusal to be photographed, long before Sia even thought of it) – and so we’re happy to report that the Poo didn’t spoil the mood by insisting on any sudden and uncharacteristic formality.

“Just call me Poo” he declared in the approved manner of the classic, self-effacing Aussie. And so we shall.

[Ps: thanks for the Tatt, Jacq – our fave treat. n(Ed)]

Neddy’s naming day…


Well given that we’ve had no control over the peculiar weather, neither have we sought to seriously formalise the progressive milestones of the workshop set-up…until now.  Today was the most important day ever for Prisoners of the Crown (Megsie-centric at least), because today we christened our most adored and favourite son, Ned.

[Okay, okay, aka Megsie’s Big Box, for all you silly buggers who happen to be so inclined. n(Ed))

Today we luncheoned – 5 peeps and six dogs, all of whom are card-carrying adore-eez of Ned Kelly (and if they’re not they’re hardly likely to fess up to Megsie about that, are they?)

Sammy Jo and Iain had left a bottle of our fave bubbles to wet the kiln’s head when it finally arrived. And so we did, with Rogero, Kez and 3 of their cute doggies…


And frankly, if you don’t have the Poo and Taittinger in the mix it really doesn’t cut it, does it darlings…


Happy happy joy joy.


This was a truly seminal moment for partners-in-crime, Ginger and Megsie…


…if only because Megsie can now get excited about her own workshop and leave Ginger entirely to her own devices…(ha!)

You know, we’ve come to all sorts of conclusions in our old age, darlings – but the most significantly enduring is that circumstances are best served when one is sensible enough to avoid the crowd scenario. Yep, hard to imagine (we know!) but these days we really do like it small and close and sincere.

So for all of you out there who would have liked to have attended Ned’s christening…we genuinely thank you and apologise most sincerely.

But hey, it’s ultimately all about mise en place (so, you’re ready when you’re ready.)

Definitely not personal, we promise.