Waxing lyrical…


Megsie’s getting so much pleasure from making these…we’ll let you into a little secret – they’re actually a rhapsody in G (for Giuseppe) minor.


Megan Bottari, It's blue 1

Megan Bottari, It's blue 2

Megan Bottari, It's blue 4

Megan Bottari, It's blue 5

Megan Bottari, Surf and Turf: It’s blue (homage to Klausie and Robert), Lost wax cast Australian lead crystal


Megan Bottari, Surf and Turf River Mouth

Megan Bottari, Surf and Turf River Mouth (flip)

Megan Bottari, Surf and Turf River Mouth 5.jpg

Megan Bottari, Surf and Turf: River Mouth, lost wax cast Australian lead crystal


Megan Bottari, she missed the boat 1

Megan Bottari, she missed the boat 2

Megan Bottari, She missed the boat 3.jpg

Megan Bottari, She missed the boat (from The Owl and the Pussycat series), lost wax cast Australian lead crystal


We have the most delicious palette to work through (we love you, James Thompson)…


my palette


…so we’re beating a constant track to the workshop (…as you do.) Happy happy joy joy.


Megan Bottari, Cruisin'.jpg




Ode to the Far South Coast….


Fresh from Megsie’s oven is a new series of work, Surf and Turf, referencing all we hold dear about the agrarian-coastal culture of this glorious corner of NSW that we call home. We have the best oysters in the state (Tathra – wins every year!), fabulous seafood, divine beaches, a pristine (Wilderness Coast) environment and, last but never least, moo cows galore.

But of course that’s merely the surface chat (they’re not really just a promo for our delectable region!) – they’re so much more besides, not least being a classic example of Megsie’s inimitable narrative bent (and her predilection for a tasty melange of material and vernacular.)

We’ve only just launched these little sweeties on their Odyssean adventure, and Megsie’ll be back in the workshop this week to expand the fleet…


Megan Bottari, Surf and Turf, lost wax cast Australian lead crystal

Cast with our glass of choice, James Thompson’s fabulous Blackwoods lead crystal (love it!)

[Mmm, we can feel our fave culinary fusion coming on…yum yum yum!! n(Ed)]



Open Studio Day: salute to Ned…

Last Sunday we marked the anniversary of Ned’s hanging (11th November 1880) with our annual Prisoners of the Crown Open Studio Day (once a year, on the closest Sunday.)

We’ve kept things pretty low key this year, but that notwithstanding the date stands as the signal opportunity to celebrate both our workshops and our joie de Neddie. 

 Maurice de Ute






It was a glorious day; all the critters were on duty…


Fred and Amber

freddie (1)



…and security was tight…

academy award winner


A very, very special thanks to Charlie who volunteered for a long weekend of preparatory toil…



…and to Glenn who took the mugshots (managing to avoid having his own taken we notice!)…


We had a lovely line-up of visitors, including some dangerous recidivists and a few who pulled ‘a La Groppa’ and baulked the parade (clearly on the lam from the law!)

So, another year down. And for those of you who have sent messages of regret and apology, never fear – it’ll happen all over again in a mere twelve months time!

Mark your dance cards: Sunday 11th November 2018.