Our Open Studio Day is nigh upon us…

Happy days are here again, we’re two-thirds of the way through Spring (though you’d hardly credit it given the arctic blasts) which means, of course, that we’re fast approaching the Sunday closest to the anniversary of our dear Neddie’s hanging day and, ergo, our annual Open Studio Day.

This year it falls on Sunday 10th November…a mere 11 sleeps hence, eek!! But never fear, we’re rattling our dags and prioritising the fundamentals. Top of the list, naturally, is the Lucky Mugshot Prize (drawn at the end of the day) – this year’s winner will pocket a pair of Ginger’s cast silver Crownie earrings. Fabulous, darling!

You can expect a relaxed mooch around both the studios (contemporary jewellery and glass) and our little in-house Courtroom gallery. The day is, essentially, a show-and-tell scenario for us. All peeps welcome; the doors open at 10.30 and slam shut (…just to spread a little goal house vibe!) at 3.30pm.



For those of you who haven’t stumbled across us before and have no idea what the Mugshot Prize refers to, take a peek at our previous open days for a general headzup…here and here and here.

Where? In the village of Wyndham, a 20 minute scenic drive inland from Pambula, in the Bega Valley, on the Far South Coast of NSW. We’re easy to find, just keep an eye out for Maurice de Ute…


Maurice de Ute



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