Open Studio Day 2018



What a gloriously still and sunny day it was yesterday; perfect for a Sunday drive to Wyndham!




And we met lots of new peeps, which was fabulous (it’s always nice to introduce curious and appreciative contemporary/decorative art lovers to our practice.)

So this year we decided to include the element of a lucky door prize (or in our case, a lucky mugshot prize) to add a little zing to the day. Not everybody subjected themselves to the light hearted ignominy (on the lam from the law, perhaps!) but those who did went into the draw for one of Megsie’s lost wax lead crystal oyster shells.




In the end, because it’s our inaugural Mugshot Prize, we decided to extend the odds to three draws – and the winners, in order, are…drum roll, maestro…




But then of course, while editing the snaps this morning, we were struck by the unutterable charm of those who fully embraced the concept and morphed into ‘beyond disreputable’ mode. So we’ve bunged on an additional “I didn’t do nuffink” prize. Notwithstanding that our recidivists Jen and Penny always go the extra yard, on this particular occasion the loaf of bread was stolen by Leonie…




We’d like to thank every one for being such good sports. The oyster shells will be on their way, toot sweet.

And that’s a rap (in the judicial sense), y’all. Thanks for making it a fun day. Our next annual open studio day falls on Sunday 10th November 2019. Mark your dance cards!



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