6 thoughts on “Hot off Megsie’s bench…

    • Hey Pete,

      yeah, I kinda have the odd yeah-but-no-but moment with them (as in ‘should I bother) because, as you say, the usual fare is the kiln puddle variety. But I think that between the cold working and Ginger’s silver fixings they’re elevated from the general dross. (Makes them a tad more spenny, but!!) xx


  1. Hi Megs! I’m late seeing these but I love them so much. Been thinking of you with the news of fires at Tathra. Hope you are all ok down there. X Kate


    • Hey darling! Lovely to hear from you – glad you like the Yardies! Yeah, the Tathra scenario is a shock to the whole Valley. Hit quickly and seemingly out of nowhere – shades of the Canberra fire, eh. Just dreadful. We’re a very long way away from the fire ground. Hope we catch up soon lovie. xx


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