Ginger’s latest bling…


…a classy new production line we call Crownies, cast silver…

pendantsGinger Bottari, Crownies, pendants

brooches  Ginger Bottari, Crownies, brooches

earrings (plain)Ginger Bottari, Crownie earrings (plain)

earrings (fancy)Ginger Bottari, Crownie earrings (fancy)

Ginger Bottari, general Crownie Ware

Plus more of the serious kit, the Caged Pearls, silver and South Sea pearls…

earringsGinger Bottari, Caged Pearls (earrings)

pendantsGinger Bottari, Caged Pearls (pendants)

And some of those real cute l’il critters, for the Vernacular Reassignment (yowie-wowie) series, saw pierced titanium, stainless steel, found objects (collected)

TiggerGinger Bottari, Yowie Wowie (Tigger)

JimminyGinger Bottari, Yowie Wowie (Jimminy)

CockyGinger Bottari, Yowie Wowie (Cocky)

WombyGinger Bottari, Yowie Wowies (Womby)

BattyGinger Bottari, Yowie Wowie (Batty)

Ginger Bottari, Yowie Wowies


We’ll be loading it all up on the Atelier page shortly.


4 thoughts on “Ginger’s latest bling…

  1. Great bling!

    I will be in contact early next year to have a talk fest about the concept for a group show. I saw Rose Montebello last night and she is keen too!

    Could you please pass on my apologies to Megan of the ethical clothes. I promised to see her work at the Portrait gallery this weekend and clean forgot I would be away. I hate saying stuff and then not doing it and I was genuinely interested in seeing what she was producing.

    It was great to see what you have achieved in such a short time in establishing the gallery in the courtroom. I hope a time of enjoying the groove is ahead of you both in the studio,, Nicky

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Nicky,

      sounds marvellous – and thanks again for doing the (round trip) gallop across the Monaro for our Open Studio day. Impressive!!
      Will let Meegs know. And next time you visit we can visit her gaff – Zoe.O – in Pambula’s boutique boulevard (aka the main street!)
      Happy to report that we’re settling contentedly into the groove already. Megxx


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