An Exotica-ca Tour: the Heart of Australia expedition…

Sir Galahad recently rounded up the Gang and led the charge on Uluru for (British artist) Bruce Munro’s acclaimed Field of Light installation. It was hard to resist, eh – the quintessential Great Australian Road Trip Field of Light (aka mandatory art fix) = a seriously marvellous time. And so it was; all 12 days/5,629.4kms of it – a truly fabulous experiential journey…


Exotica-ca Tour


…touching base with our inner ‘Down-Under-psyche’ on what can only be described as The Great Aus-culture Pilgrimage.

From the High Country…

The Kiama Greys, Snowy Mountains High Plains


…to Broken Hill…

The Palace Hotel


…to Coober Pedy…



…to Uluru (our three objectives; the Rock/Field of Light/catching up with Paulie and Mirko)

…the walk…


…the Field of Light…


Field of Light

field of light

Field of Light

Field of Light

…the Olgas…

Kata Tjuta

…Kings Canyon…

Kings Canyon


shy Sturt Desert Pea at Kings Canyon


…and then to the Alice, where we dropped a U-ie for the long haul home…




the great social divide (reversed)

on the road

spook biz

on the road

north of Coober Pedy

infamous Coober Pedy drive-in



Worlds End



All that and so much more, minus the friggin’ P-mates which had arrived after we’d left (oh the tribulations of priority post…)

seaman like precautions


But that notwithstanding we had such a joyful time – best summed up by our gorgeous memento of the trip, Manupa Butler’s basket from the Tjanpi Desert Weavers Gallery, Alice Springs…


Manupa Butler


Yummy – says it all.

We’ve returned to the Hideout entirely reinvigorated. Sir Galahad’s already working on his next cultural foray (looks like it’s gunna be Banksy in Melbs!) The Muzzbotts have taken off for Scotland. The rest of us have work to do. [Oh, yes indeedy. n(Ed)]


4 thoughts on “An Exotica-ca Tour: the Heart of Australia expedition…

    • Yeah, Jas, the best – you’ll have to take the fam (if you haven’t already.) It’s like a rite of passage, eh – shifts the consciousness. xx


    • Glorious is the perfect descriptive, Pete. Divine, even. We didn’t actually dally about much – we were on a mission to squeeze it all in while the kids were visiting (before they flew back out to Scotland.) So we had serious time constraints. But we all loved it so much that we’re definitely up for another round…

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