6 thoughts on “Window werx…

    • Yeah, Franck, settling in nicely and nearly finished. Softly softly catchee monkey, eh. Lotsa love to you both. xx


    • Hand drawn/hand cut resist. Have to admit I’m pretty stoked with the ‘blaster – can see it’ll get a tremendous amount of use. Those window panels are as large as I can go, but sufficient to our needs. How big are you going?


  1. Just over 2 m high x 1 wide. I want to be able to fit a door. Have a smaller syphon, but this is for the pressure pot. I bought a pab gun, terrific control, years ago from US but haven’t used it yet. Like blasters a lot, and you can highlight with drills etc. I was blasting my fused pieces, before slumping for a beautiful satin finish. Do you have a Dobbins book. Fantastic.


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