The cherry on top…

Red letter day here at the workshop;  George and Ian were back to finish off the lighting – kiln bay, coldshop and last-but-so-far-from-least…drumroll, maestro…Netster’s blown glass Paper Lanterns! Omigod, we are in dead set seventh heaven…

workshop lighting

workshop lighting

workshop lighting

workshop lighting

workshop lighting

workshop lighting

Betty Blair blown glass paper lanterns

Beyond fabulous/perfect way to top off the studio fit out. And then, as if that wasn’t enough, the arvo lights are back…

Wyndham lights

It’s just the beginning.

Wyndham sunset

And contentment settles lightly as a sigh.

[Loving those lanterns Netty, thanks big time, you ROCK. For those who don’t know the Netster (hard to imagine!), you can acquaint yourself with annette blair: glass here. n(Ed)]


2 thoughts on “The cherry on top…

  1. Expecting really great things now. I still love those arvo lights, and tried hard to find a place for some at my place. Also looking for excuses to spend 3 grand on wiring the kiln and p points. Sick of making stuff that stays at home in boxes.
    Are you going to Ausgas conf. WillhelmVernim is going. Great graal artist, engraver, teacher, and regular nice guy.

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    • Yeah Pete, no excuses – have plenty of light at all points now. And Bernz has just given me a gorgeous Blue Ray vintage torch, so (provided it works) all my druthers are covered. Just have to set up the gallery space in the Courtroom and we’re a fully functioning unit.
      Haven’t actually even thought about the Ausglass conference, just had too much going on here so it’s not been on the radar. Must check out the line-up. Probably will go, cos it is close enough. It’s kind of a yeah-but-no-but scenario. It’s always a great opportunity to catch up with peeps but, you know, there’s that flip side…


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