6 thoughts on “Sir Galahad does Jimbaran…

    • Omigod, Pete – my kinda show!! Yes indeed, the faffing is about to stop, although we did/do have family engagements/responsibilities that (continuously!) crop up. I’m all about life/work balance these days, with life taking precedence. Mind you, as the studio will be my life from here on in, it’s a win-win in reality, eh.
      Thanks for the link, certainly puts me back in the headspace, great looking show – though DR’s piece chucks in one of my bete noirs (sorry no accents on my keyboard), as in the representation of Ned perennially a la Nolan. It’s one thing for Nolan to have symbolised Neddie with the abstracted/reducted black box helmet, but for everyone thereafter to slavishly repeat it tends to turn Ned into some sort of cartoon character (not to mention it being a blatant rip-off of Nolan!) Though of course nobody seems to see it (the latter, particularly) as such – ah well, just one of my quirky little POV’s. I guess.
      Meanwhile, wotchoo up to? I’ve been checking your website but you’ve been flying under the radar…


  1. Website closed after I was told, wrongly to drop the ABN. Reached pension age. Some health prob’s and C’link left me sinking on Austudy.
    Gonna build up the blog more. R&D again as the glassblowers moved to NZ and I’ve got the graal out of my system. Expensive when it’s sitting boxed under the bed.
    WTF mentality I’ve gone back to basics, the trad. intaglio I started with and love. Can’t be mistaken for paint or decals etc. I bought the small merker when I moved here and only now getting onto it. Just getting a grip, and trying the style I want to use. Sort of Kinnaird, Harcuba, THBenton and early swedish. Don’t know about blanks yet.
    I’m thinking of small workshops here to introduce engraving, a few interested already. What’s labelled eng. from the Uni’s doesn’t represent engraving or cutting, both coming out more OS. There’s so much great casting about, you have lots of incentive, but engraving it’s hell, and so much shit around.

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    • Yeah, I hear you Pete, and I totally get you going back to the trad intaglio that you love. Everyone should stay true to self – and it always shows in the work anyways. Mind you, the graal work has really been an exploration of the same, no, ie drawing on glass, so your thread remains intact throughout. Always good to play with things. Hope your health is on the improve and that effen C’link cuts you a break…


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