Hard row: bloomin’ wild…

Here at the Hideout we look forward to the advent of our tenacious wild lilies – which try as we might we haven’t been able to cajole into a comfortable garden bed. These tough buggers prefer to do hard labour, springing year after year from their fave concrete crannies…



lilies doing hard labour


…though this year one has broken out and opted for high rise…


lilies 2016

Love ’em.


2 thoughts on “Hard row: bloomin’ wild…

  1. Incredible !!…… Love the first pix. , – Queen of the Lillies !!??!! ( you looked sooooo coy !! I thought you were hiding something from the camera ??!!?? ) XxXx

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    • Thought better of doing a Lady Godiva, Franck, didn’t want to frighten the horses! Looking more like Bottom in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (“What angel wakes me from my flowery bed?”) – a part, I should ‘fess up, to have played way back in my school days…!


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