7 thoughts on “Mending fences…

  1. We are more than surprised that all our fences are still standing after all the gales we have had !! Xx………. Sorry ,Ihaven’t Skyped,as promised, but it has been all go since we got back home !…….. We have booked our flights for Melbourne ( 8th. June – 8th. July ) Mark’s 40th. Birthday on 1st. July…….. Hopefully , we will see you in Melbourne – if we don’t make it down to Wyndam………. Take Care, Franck Xx


    • Hey Franck – you’ve been getting some dreadful weather, must’ve been a shock to the system after Bali! We’ll definitely make sure we catch up mid-year, one way or the other. xx


    • Ginger’s snaffled the studio calendar – too hot for this old chook!! Wish you were here to share the jelly cake – it’s hard to resist but I’ll explode if I eat any more of it… xx


  2. Ha ha – more like those mouthwatering hunks of Scottish manhood!! Someone should put together a classic Marilyn-esque air blow of kilts, eh. xx


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