Totally daggy, we know…

But a great way to test/play around with coldworking and fire polishing.

And Megsie had kept the Taitt bottles from her 60th expressly to turn into water carafes to encourage her pals to remember to rehydrate at the dinner table (…tho’ obviously these are perfectly fine to decant wine into also….!)

fire polishing

IMG_1964 (1)


2 thoughts on “Totally daggy, we know…

    • Just a bit of friggery, Pete, in the great historic glass tradition*. Goodness me, haven’t stumbled across the champagne icepoles – might have to make some…tho I suspect the bubbles will be lost, surely, which kinda defeats the purpose. Perhaps I’ll just be a purist and leave me Taitt in its virgin state.
      Hope you have a safe and gentle xmas/new year, Pete. Studio Bitch and I will be having a very quiet one (interspersed with boozy Skype sessions with Bali and Budapest.)

      [*for those not familiar: Frigger (plural friggers) An object crafted for the personal amusement of craftsmen, their friends and family. n(Ed)]


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