R&D biz: bugs…

Y’all probably think that Ginger’s just skiving off, doin’ the Bali ha’i, but there’s actually method in the madness – she’s checking out pearls and butterflies (& moths!)…and plenty else besides…


…with a little help from research assistant Iain…



…needless to say she’s clearly in critter heaven.

She’s even managed to get a bird fix or two…

bird fix

bird fix

bird fix


5 thoughts on “R&D biz: bugs…

    • I was actually thinking when I posted those snaps that there’d be sure to be another visit when Franck and Morelle get there! xx


    • Gotta love those Macaws, the ultimate fashion accessory! She and Sammy Jo caught a slow boat to Lombok yesterday – and so are currently in pearl mode. Tough titty, eh, but someone’s got do it. xx

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