Red letter day…

Today is the most important day of the year at the Hideout, for 2 reasons…

(1) It’s the anniversary of the registration of Prisoners of the Crown as an entity (now Prisoners of the Crown™®, thank you very much!!) and

(2) It’s the anniversary of Ned’s hanging.

So naturally everything stops while we contemplate all things Neddie (to which end Megsie spent part of yesterday on Ned, drawing #3)

Ned Kelly, drawing #3

On this day (11.11.1880), on the way to the gallows, Ned remarked on the beauty of the flowers in the prison garden. And stopped to smell the roses.

3 thoughts on “Red letter day…

  1. XxXx…….just heard from Ginger ( stuck in Melbourne. !)……….. She says Volcano ????- we haven’t heard anything this side of the Globe !??! Xx


    • Yeah, bloody volcanic ash from nearby Lombok. She’s been stuck since last Thursday – hoping to get out this coming Saturday. We’re all keeping our fingers crossed, but it could last for weeks. Beyond painful. You might get to Bali before her at this rate!
      She caught up with Mark, though, which was nice.


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