4 thoughts on “Meanwhile, back in the workshop…

  1. Don’t know if it’s a male thing, but i do a lot of thinking with my hands. So, get down and get dirty. Create for all you’re worth. BTW the glass secession face book page has put up loads of picture from SOFA. Wonderful stuff.


    • Yeah, am going to spend the next however-long just playing. There’ll be a lot of clay and wax action. And I’ve got my head stuck in Graham Stone’s kiln companion and other such practical/foundation tomes. Do have a lot of my old firing schedules, which is helpful obviously, but am keen to stretch these rusty old wings.
      Meanwhile, just checked out the glass secessionists at SOFA – fabbo. And I really like the concept of The Glass Heap Challenge, too. Am way keen to rework waste material.


  2. Hadn’t seen the glass heap challenge. Appeals to me. I’ve accepted as an engraver, not to bother with the glass establishment. A bit of retirement mode. So back to engraving basics, clear or tinted, and I’m practising the small merker lathe and drawing for the stone polisher.(like an angle gringer with diamond wheels) I really want to mix/use natural materials like wood, stone and maybe steel. Have to think of costs too. While this place is on the market it’s hard to make a mess and play.


    • True. Painful to have to keep a workshop tidy for house inspections!
      Keep checking glasspeter – no sign of the Mansfield snaps…. 😦 (Ooh ah, that face looks admonishing – totally unintended – was just supposed to look sad.)


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