4 thoughts on “Great expectations…

    • Hmmm, not likely to improve greatly for the Rohingya (The Lady has been conspicuously silent throughout that protracted debacle.) That’s such a complex issue, compacted by nearly 200 years of ‘multicultural’ resentment (the Rohingya having been imported by the British Raj.) In part it’s a classic Muslim vs the prevailing religion (in this case Buddhist, obviously) scenario. And the tinder was sparked by all accounts in 2012 by the rape of a Rakhine girl by a group of Rohingya men – and it’s done a nose-dive from there. We were actually in Sittwe/Mrauk U only a week or so before it all went apeshit – and you could feel the tension, but we couldn’t figure out the why/what. Just that resentment was palpable, and coming from the sullen Rohingyas (not the buddhist/Burmese.) (https://glasscentralcanberra.wordpress.com/2012/05/28/mrauk-u/)
      Anyways, it’s a dreadful situation whatever your POV. And unlikely to be resolved, period. And Myanmar doesn’t stand in isolation in this regard. Such is the tenor of life right across the globe now; not a pretty picture and no end in sight. And nobody’s hands are clean. Not any more.

      (Phew, that was a rant. xx)


      • Dearest Megan – long time no see love. I recognise you from your use of the word “dreadfull” Would be so super to hear from you darling girl. With love from (our world circa 1980). Nola xxx

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