Ooh ahh…

After a few hiccups (weather related) the sandblaster has finally landed…








Oh yeah, that’s what we’re talkin’ about.

Henceforth to be referred to as the Lady Abyss, she’s the last of the big ticket items (only mere odds and sods to go.) Time to rock n’roll.

[Big thanks to Shane (Pace Logistics) and Rob (ABSS). n(Ed)]

15 thoughts on “Ooh ahh…

  1. Woweeee. After what I did with a home made job, from a standup clothes dryer, you should set the world on fire. I guess you’ve got a Dobbins book. Seriously these are so under rated and under used in Aus. it’s a disgrace. My next studio, if, will have one big enough for door panels, with a pressure pot. It’s a shame the sandblasters community board folded.


    • No, don’t have a Dobbins book, might have to search one out. Am into sandblasting though, big time – though not for delicate etching per se. (I don’t imagine delicacy is a description often applied to my work!!) But you never know…


    • Yeah, it’s going to be a journey of discovery for sure. At this juncture the big compressor is down with the sandblaster in Studio Bitch’s shed. The drill press will probably reside there as well (because he can use it for his blokey biz.) So the Suhner, linisher and diamond saw are water beasties and in the coldshop/wet area of the workshop. I’ve kinda gone for a bit of both (as in have my cake and eat it too!) Hopefully it’ll cover most bases and, having laid the foundations, we’ll now quietly evolve as needs be.

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  2. Next place I’ll try and have the sandblaster with the dirty tools. Woodwork, welder etc. Hard as I try it is a bit dirty. Don’t know a lot about the suhner, except that it’s expensive and an in tool. Best bench I have for cold work is an ex morgue tray I got at the tip/recycle. SS with a 2 inch rim, and centre drain hole. Built my own frame and have clear vinyl back to keep it tidy. I don’t get squeemish because we used them in the bacon factory. Hot weather coming up is a great time to let loose in a coldshop. I want some big scraps to try more of this. https://www.flickr.com/photos/glasspeter/6648719871/in/dateposted-public/


    • Jeezuz Pete, you are one freaky guy. I’d kill to have a morgue slab – too good. Seriously weird, but – shades of Snowtown.
      Love the link – total respect.
      I leave the dirty tools (woodwork, welding, yadda yadda) to Studio Bitch; it’s totally his cup of tea. Suhner is exxy, but has been ‘in’ for at least a decade (and a half) and has well earned its stripes. Super efficient. Gotta love that.

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    • I thought about it long and hard and had to face the fact that I’m just too old for a rusty kiln et al, darling. I’ll be dead before I get through the conventional ‘fix it again tony’ workshop evolution. Omigod though – am so glad to hear you’re putting your toe in the water again. Yay!! You’ll have to come down for some playtime. xox


      • I completely understand and reckon you thoroughly deserve a fabulous workshop! I’m happily making things when 3 small kids allow but none of it is glass. I’m mostly doing ceramics thses days 😱


      • And so it goes, darling, until you can clear the obligatory decks and start to do your own thing again. It is/was ever thus. You deserve your own workshop too, Katey, but you won’t go there until you launch your 3 gorgeous bubbies. This is the way women operate – always looking after the greater good before themselves – and that is entirely as it should be. It’s in the DNA for my/our generation, at least. The next lot of buggers don’t appear give a toss, so who fucking knows.
        Turning back to mud, eh. Hmmm, might have to bring you back to the darkside….later down the track. xx


  3. Thems wise words. I will hold those reminders close when I’m having a long day and haven’t made anything for a while! 😉 Heh. I’m mostly joking-I know it goes by in a flash.

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