Workshops of the World…

…is a ripper new website that explores workshops/studios across the globe….


Gate 8, Adelaide.

The site (brainchild of the Debster and Christine Cholewa) has only just been floated and is destined to grow like Topsy – it’s a humdinger.

Submissions are welcome, get on board. Check it out here.

3 thoughts on “Workshops of the World…

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  1. Thanks for that. I like Nick Mounts, looks creative and homely. I’m busting to get my next and looking for ideas. Went to Open Studios Latrobe and saw a few, met new folk. I’m just out the border. Open studios in my shire but only for Briagolong and area, I’m just out. Gallery at Bairnsdale has a lot of locals showing, and I’m just out also. Have 3 bits in Mansfield Art Glass Exhibition and really feel studio glass, so heavy on technique and material, isn’t my scene at all. WTF


    1. Yeah, Nick’s is sweet – properly settled into, eh. Like ’em all really. They provide a fascinating window into the practices involved. WOW’s a nice little voyeuristic hit. And, most importantly, at arm’s length – ie, not open as such.

      We rather like being in the Badlands and ‘out’ of any mainstream round. It saves one from conformity (and lordy knows that’s not our bag!) Studio glass is what you make it, I reckon – and I think the perennial clustering into a ‘scene’ is doing it a disservice. Very last millennium.

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      1. Also meant to say, Pete, that I’m looking forward to seeing snaps from the Mansfield show – had a look on glasspeter, nothing up yet…


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