Melbourne notes…

Megsie’s new fave beer (when in Melbs at least)…


…and Sir Galahad found his spiritual home at the Waiters tonight (where Megsie was getting down and nostalgic with Tuppie and Rosco)…


After all these years the Waiters still totally hits the mark – transports you back and gives you a yearning for the 60’s/70’s; you know, for places like the Paradiso in Lygon St. Beyond good. Thank the lordy Pelligrini’s, Don Camillo’s and the Waiters still exist.

Sadly they’d run out of cassata, so Megsie and Tup settled for/split a baci and tartufo (Everest of course, what the hell else is there?) Oh happy days. There is a goddie and sometimes he’s Italian.

4 thoughts on “Melbourne notes…

  1. Megs, agree re the Cavalier, I had my first one in Burleigh Heads at a bar called Cavalier which if you’re up that way, is great. If you’re at the Fyshwick Markets you can get Cavalier there at Plonk. Sounds like your having a great time in Melbourne, I’ll be there late December and looking forward to it!

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    • Great city, oodles to do. And Cavalier’s at Dan Murphy’s I’ve discovered, so presumably will be able to get it in Bega. Am still a Murray’s Angry Man girl though. Meanwhile, I’m really just down here to look after Granny….!!


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