9 thoughts on “Granny biz…

    • Granny says thanks, Franck. Op should be pretty straight forward, but it’s her right hand, so she won’t be able to pop champers corks for the time being (that’s where I come in.) I’ll head back to Wyndham once she’s back on track.


  1. “get well soon” to granny and enjoy the culture. I’m too far out of it, yeah, to advise though a visit to Brenda at Blue Dog may provide some tips. Mansfield Glass show is at the end of the month, 24th, a fair bit down the road. I have 3 pieces in. Can you get the bubbly on prescription ?

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  2. Bummer Pete, don’t expect to still be here for the 24th. Just googled it – what a fab looking festival. You’ll have to send snaps and I’ll put ’em on glasscentral. I’m on the hoof for this trip, so will mainly be doing the rounds of the CBD and inner burbs (whatever Granny can cope with.) Bubbly definitely medically prescribed, though not listed on Medicare (very short-sighted of them.)


  3. Hi !…….spoke to Iain and Sammy Jo. today ( at last !!)…….. Glad to hear that Granny’s operation went well…….send her our love……….Also,great news today as we learnt that we will be spending Christmas with Ginger !! Xx

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    • Hey Franck – yes Granny’s recovering well and we’re having a lovely cultural recoup (doing the rounds of her favourite haunts.) And yes indeed, you will be spending Christmas with Ging! Lucky buggers, eh. Studio Bitch and I will have elevenses with you all on Skype.


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