4 thoughts on “Pink bits…

  1. Well that’s an attention getting headline. I expect a bit of orange from rust inside the helmet, but I thought the gossip had another of the gang leaning more to the pinkish brigade.
    I hope the glass brain cells are moving along nicely. I had the last graal blown and pick them up thursday, so I’m a bit lost for future projects now. Real estate is down here so It may be hard to get somewhere active with my own showroom. Lateral thinking needed.
    Should we be having some new age spring rebirth festival thing ?

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    • Yeah, nothing like a little titillation (Neddie being a natural pink.)
      Glass brain cells pinging despite slow studio progression – Studio Bitch quietly putting together my benches.
      Looking forward to seeing your last graal piece. And now that spring has sprung, perhaps the real estate gods will be kinder.
      We probably should be having some sort of a spring rebirth festival (I daresay they’ll be going off in the Byron environs as we speak.) Ging and I will swing by the nursery today, at least – we habitually do a wee celebratory planting…


  2. When I lived in Castlemaine, there was an equinox celebration in the Mt Franklin volcano crater. A big oak and pine park. Everyone got to take all their clothers off and dance around a bonfire. As the fire burned down they smeared their bodies with honey, jumped over the coals, and raced into the pine forest for loud passionate lovemaking. I told it was a ritual druid celebration. Who cares.

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