Krusty’s last watch…

It’s a sad day here at the Hideout – Security Creative Krusty slipped gently away (vet assisted) to the doggy guard-house in the sky this afternoon amid a vale of tears (we’re holding the wake as we speak…)

He had a great innings –19 years – and will be sorely missed, especially by Studio Bitch who was constantly shadowed by the little fella.

Krusty’s last snaps were taken last week…

Krusty on the job


…[but we’ll drop in the odd memorial tomorrow. n(Ed)]

8 thoughts on “Krusty’s last watch…

  1. We were so sorry to hear of Krusty…….Morelle was devastated,so I can’t imagine how you must all be feeling……He will be sorely missed ( especially by Sammy – he was such a trusting and faithful friend )……. Love to All Fr. Xx

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  2. Sad days indeed-farewell to little Krusty. Even after a lovely long and colourful life it’s terrible to have to say goodbye. You guys did an amazing job together. 19 years-very impressive. Xx

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    • Hey Katie – yeah, he was a tenacious little dude. Still here in spirit – I miss him in the kitchen, he was so dependable hoovering spills!


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