8 thoughts on “Neddie rising…

  1. Fantastic !!………with our Summer,we have been wondering where the sun has gone to !! Xx……. Hope all is well with you and yours ! Xx


  2. Good to see. It’s been very cold around here. And lights look great. I’m weighing up whether to build more studio space here or move. I want fancy windows and such. Not much art community to get involved with.


    • Yeah, loving the return of the lights – sure as hell lifts a moribund psyche. Cold and miserable is a very sad a state of mind.
      Hope you get your windows, Pete. Not so sure about the art community, sometimes less is so much more – doesn’t compromise your mental and physical space. Too many qui vampires in the sector, dead set, so the ability to disengage should be treasured. One can always go in for a paddle if/as the urge arises, we reckon.


  3. American Craft mag arrived yesty. It’s quicker online, great mag and cheap. This one is on community. Communities that make not talk about it.
    I’m driving south Wonthaggi to see If I can afford to go there, lived a few years till job took me closer to Melb. Lots of artists north to the mountains, do it themselves with little beauracracy. Go east into the latrobe valley it dies in the coal and gaslands, and the regional galleries. Going for bright windows and weird sculpture in the garden.
    Your new coldwork area will be ready and buzzing in time for warm weather. Go for it !


    • Yeah, I reckon warm weather is definitely the key for cold working!!
      I’ve long been a great believer in artists doin’ it for themselves – the bureaucratic vortex sucks up way too much creative oxygen. I checked the American Craft Mag article – nice. Yeah, the answer invariably is ‘a room of one’s own’. And making, making, making. Am looking forward to it big time.
      I checked out Wonthaggi too – a sea change would be sweet, a wee bit out of town…


  4. Latrobe Regiional Gallery has appointed a new director, and senior curator. If they sink much further they might lose the Cbus Collection and regional gallery status. IMO. What they could have done.


    • The possible squandering of such a resource is beyond comprehension. It’s curious that the new bloke is talking about taking risks (given that David S was given the axe.) Ah – regional politics, eh. Gothic.


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