A touch of MONA: stop and smell the roses…

We’ve added a touch of MONA to the bathroom, darls – just a visual pop to gladden our mornings…



…a rose-geranium ‘Cath’ soap. Such a gorgeous addition to the jooj. And gives a whole new complexion to the age-old warning ‘I’ll wash your mouth out with soap’…

[Apparently there’s been a wee bit of confusion re the soap – we bought it at the MONA shop, lovies. Sensational merchandising. Having just seen Greg Taylor’s epic work, how could one possibly resist? The only difficulty was choosing… n(Ed)]

4 thoughts on “A touch of MONA: stop and smell the roses…

    • Hey Pete, if I hadn’t been told they were vulvas, I’d have just thought they were withering rosebuds. Cool website though.


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