Brandishing George…

How could you not but be charmed by the brilliant George Brandis Live Art Experience putsch? What a cracker.

Hard to pick a fave image (so many to choose from) but Sir Galahad Poo, naturally, gravitates to Walter Kenyon’s Gilbert and George makeover…


But for all the hilarity, this is deadly serious biz. Get onboard the George Brandis Live Art Experience facebook here.

4 thoughts on “Brandishing George…

  1. Brilliant. Some time ago I was lamenting the dearth of challenging t shirts. I don’t have the body to wear one proudly anymore, in fact I often wear a vest to cover the odd shape. I am figuring a high vis vest with a political statement could be a new fashion accessory, especially when I’m in the valley.(Latrobe) I cant forget the power generated by the “bugger up” campaign.

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    • Hope this all inspires continued action, in all sorts of directions. ProppaNow, for instance, have had the smarts from the get go. Politics, whether socio/eco/enviro, have always been appropriate for the arts – no matter the namby pamby (predominantly LNP voting) market forces.
      Hi-Viz sound great, Pete – perfect canvas

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    • With you 100%. Bertolt says it all, eh…
      “Art is not a mirror to reflect reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.”
      Bring it on.

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