8 thoughts on “Heigh-ho heigh-ho…

    • Hey Jas – yeah, we’re pretty happy with it. Progress tends to come in fits and starts, but it sure is pretty damned cute.


  1. Hey Pete – am actually trying for a bit of a minimalist/blank canvas as much as poss for the general workshop fittings. Otherwise once I’m cranking there’ll just be too much going on/visual overload.

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    • Well, that’s exactly right. Though I have to admit I’d happily be distracted by a Joseph Cavalieri piece!
      We’re actually planning on a sandblaster (useful for both our practices.)


  2. Sandblasters are under rated. Big potential. I’m going to try and get more people having a go at the variety of cold working glass. Aint rocket science and there’s a lot of misinformation out there.
    Met Joseph C when he was out here, nice guy.

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