We’re in total agreement with Jean-Paul Gautier on this one…


Caught Conchita on the Today Show* this morning and omigod! we just adore her. Without any doubt she is totes the natural evolution of the human race (…well, we can only hope.)

Wurst, the bearded transgender winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, performs during a concert at the European Parliament in Brussels

* [Yep, have to confess we do surf across from ABC News Breakfast, shock horror. n(Ed)]

2 thoughts on “Eye-catcher…

  1. My brother called in from Perth this week and he believes mankind had a time of strict conformity around Stalin , Hitler, and Macarthy etc and we’re breaking out of that straight jacket again. Pendulums swing and I hope artists can push it a bit. Around here it seems the tighter the noose the more they accept it. I’m cheering the Conchitas of the world.

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