6 thoughts on “From the sketch book…

  1. Hey Pete, we called her original brooches ‘Those Fucking Rats’! Loved them (that was around 5 or so years ago) – so the Rat Sutra is the natural progression.

    Ah yes, the drawing debate. Ginger draws all the time. I don’t, so yeah, I am a bit of a Wolfganger I guess. We were just talking about it last night as a matter of a fact. Perhaps it’s just a matter of the nature of the beast. She’s the queen of precision, I’m more hyper emotive.

    Though I have to confess that I did recently sit up late at night doing a pencil portrait of Tony Abbot (well, a portrait of his sneer more like!) Go figure.


  2. Do you remember the Kelly “cow up a tree” and “more fucking cows” sculptures, loved ’em.
    Drawing, I saw an article about how we naturally drew as kids and have been trained out of it. I didn’t draw as a kid. Drawing tools weren’t around our house. We made things out of junk, mud and wood. My excuse is all that, and I think with my hands.Plasticine is tops. I can only draw if it’s to make something else.
    That said I’ve spent the arvo with a pin vice and diamond burr, copying an old chinese drawing onto plate glass. Next step is the ink business I haven’t much of an idea, for printmaking. Had a few tries and was surprised how good they come out. The plate looks beautiful and I realise how much I love the clear over coloured. Got to make time for practise on the lathe. The mad monk is part of a graal project.


    • I reacquainted myself with John Kelly’s cows via google – so cute.

      Well your work incorporates drawing as opposed to the drawing being precursory – horses for courses, eh. I suppose that it’s not so much that drawing doesn’t figure in people’s process, rather that it’s function will, quite naturally, be totes idiosyncratic; ie comes in many guises.

      I love plates – maybe even more than the prints. (Not sure what that signifies – probably something weird!)


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